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Who are these bus guys...and what do they do?
You're likely familiar with our metaphor, "Get the right people on your bus...and get them in the right seats!"  Well, we much more than a metaphor.  The Bus Concept™ is a company devoted to the analysis of predictive performance.  We've discovered what are reliable performance predictors...and what are not.  We have married Nobel Peace prize nominated "how the human business brain works" research with structural guidelines and tactics that enable our clients to exercise and apply these powerful insights to the key staffing elements of selection, executive development, and team design.  In summary, we've discovered a highly reliable 4 step formula that defines superior performance!  We can show you how to use it to measure your candidates and incumbents and how to optimize and leverage what you discover to power up your organization!

How does this process work?
What our clients really want to know is WHO will make the most right bright decisions on a regular basis?  That's where our 4 Step Performance Matrix changes the game. 

Why does it work?
Everyone's success is directly tied to the actions we take.  If we take good actions...good things follow.  If we take poor actions, then success tends to elude us. Understand that EVERY action is PRECEDED by a decision to take that action.  So, if we could ACCURATELY MEASURE the QUALITY of anyone's decision making process that drives the actions they take and calculate those actions vs. a client's business models of Management, Sales, Administrative or Customer Service...we could present you with the KEY to predicting success.  We have that key...and we'd like to share it with you!  It turns out that there are really 4 Critical keys that integrate to provide the answers all business leaders want and need to know. We call it the Performance Matrix.   Here are the 4 steps that drive performance:  

    Performance Matrix Step One: Critical Thinking Skills


Critical Thinking Skills measure 3 major decision making capacities (It is the ability to PERCEIVE the core issues of the problems, challenges and opportunities one encounters, the ability to CONCEIVE a workable solution to those issues, and the ability to RESOLVE/IMPLEMENT the conceived solution to the perceived problems, challenges, & opportunities within the organization's available resources i.e., time, money, & manpower etc.


    Performance Matrix Step Two: FOCUS of the Critical Thinking Skills


Focus is how one goes about IMPLEMENTING his/her critical thinking skills decisions/choices.  There are 9 separate focal pathways that the human mind uses to create order and get things done.  We can measure the individual's hierarchy of pathways and identify if it is a Primary, Secondary, or Inconsistent focus for the individual.  Focus defines how one APPROACHES the resolution/implementation of the problems, challenges and opportunities they encounter.

    Performance Matrix Step Three: Natural Behaviors
Natural Behaviors define HOW we deliver our focused critical thinking into the world.  This gold standard DISC component defines how one interacts with others as they seek to implement their conceived solutions to the perceived problems, challenges and opportunities.  While behaviors alone are NOT predictive...they prove to be a powerful contributor to the overall performance matrix that we know predicts performance.

     Performance Matrix Step Four: Environmental Factors

The Environmental factor component measures if the "conditions for success" are in place for any individual in any environment.  One might be successful in one environment but struggle in another.  Remember, that Michael Jordan struggled as a minor league baseball player...but returned to the basketball court and won another world championship. The importance of the "conditions of success" being in place should never be overlooked or underestimated. 

    - Subjective Conditions for Success:
Does the individual have the education, background, experience, track record of documentable results, references, job stability, and face to face interviewing feedback that you are seeking?  If so, then we proceed with the objective steps that follow.

   - Objective Conditions for Success:
Will this individual "fit" with who will be his/her manager?  We use a revolutionary and highly reliable measurement of the personal chemistry dynamic (team synergy) that will likely exist between any two individuals.  We compare the compatibility of their respective critical thinking skills, the aligned or misaligned focus of those critical thinking skills and their natural behaviors that deliver the critical thinking into the organization.  If you ever worked for a manager you could not synch of these 3 factor misalignments was the probable cause.

It's OK to be Skeptical...We'll be happy to prove it to you.

Join the hundreds of other smart businesses that have taken advantage and leveraged our Performance Technology.  There is nothing else like it.  Your Mastermind connection earns you an expanded complementary testdrive.  Contact us for your choice of an Executive Leadership, Management, Sales, Customer Service, or General Employment performance analysis and report using our revolutionary Nobel Nominated research that powers our EEOC compliant modern business applications.  It's easy and it's free. We promise you a most interesting experience.

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