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Why the Bus Concept™ performance tools are able to actually create employee performance?

The Bus Concept is driven by a group of behavior analysts who bring you a powerful validated application of the Nobel nominated research into "how the human business brain works" applied to modern business models.

"Putting the WRONG person in the RIGHT job or the RIGHT Person in the WRONG job is costing American Industry Billions of dollars each year!"

The Bus Concept enables our clients to leverage 30 years of research, reliability testing, and scientific validation of "the human decision making process" and how to apply that sophisticated research into easy to use, yet stunningly reliable predictive performance measurments that enable you to be clear about the natural talents and abilities of any individual and how those talents align with the needs of the job.

We provide our clients with a "talent led system" that aligns the natural talent within their organizations with their strategic goals and business plans. When that alignment occurs...Sustainable Employee Performance happens. When it does not, mediocre, frustration and disappointment happens.

"The Magic is in the SYSTEM that identifies the degree of employee/job alignment.  Our Nobel Research driven performance tools are simply the yardstick we use to measure & scientifically plot that alignment!"

You are invited to discover how we are doing this for large and small companies who are moving toward optimal employee/organizational performance on a daily basis.  What follows is an overview of some of the business performance tools we use:


"Why wouldn't any company want to get this clear a picture of predictive performance?"

"We find these tools to be very reliable and they have helped us avoid some costly hiring mistakes."

"We've reduced our turn over significantly.   We don't quite know HOW they do it...but we are  very impressed with the results."

"We've found these new tools to be far superior to anything we've used before."  

"These guys really know what they're talking about.   We started with their recruiting project and now use the entire system.   It really works."


Step One:  The Low Cost Employability Screen©

This tool measures Work Ethic, Personal Responsibility, and Employee Reliability.  And costs less than a good cheeseburger lunch.This amazing tool is the first step in the Bus Concept Performance Zone talent system.  This tool does NOT measure Net Talent like our other tools…it measures the candidate's WORK ETHIC, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND PERSONAL RELIABILITY.  It’s just that simple. This will prove to be the best use of just a few of your dollars that you will spend this year. 

This screening tool will not tell you IF a candidate is a skilled manager, sales person or CFO...but it WILL tell you if they will be responsible, have respect for and operate within your company’s rules, guidelines, and procedures…and if they will respect your company property. This screen has one function…To tell you IF you want this person in your company or not!

The Performance Zone Employability Screen has just one function.  It tells you IF you want this person in your organization or not.

It is the low cost "avoid a hiring disaster tool" that you will find to be incredibly valuable.  Thousands of uses support it's ability to "see behind the interviewing mask" and provide you with a clear picture of the work ethic, personal responsibility and reliability of the candidate BEFORE they move to your payroll.



Click Here to View the Low Cost Employability Screen


Step Two: The Predictor 3000 Position Benchmark©

The Bus Concept Predictor 3000 Binary BenchmarkThe idea of scientifically benchmarking a job has always been a popular idea…but the process has been very expensive and is typically reserved for a few upper level positions.  That game has now changed. 

One of the key ingredients to “getting the right people on your bus” begs for a benchmarking system that can use the “how the business brain works” research to create a unique BINARY BENCHMARK (i.e. one that identifies the performance factors you ARE seeking for a particular job…AND the performance factors you are NOT seeking for your position/job). 

This binary view identifies 72 critical factors that light the way to a specific performance model that enables our clients to know with an unprecedented level of clarity who will and who will not be able to excel in any specific job in the organization.  This process is done at a fraction of typical benchmarking protocols.  And by the way...How does JUST ONE poor hire impact your bottom line?  Learn more about the Bus Concept

The Bus Concept's binary benchmark opens to door to effective hires as you can use the Performance Scorecard to compare and select the best suited individuals.  

Click Here to View a Partial Benchmarking Sample

Step Three:  The Performance Zone Report©
Management, Sales, Customer Service, Sales Management, Administrative & Executive Models)
"The Bus Concept "NET TALENT" scorecard will forever change the game!"

Dr. Hartman’s most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter has spent the past 30 years translating Dr. Hartman's "How the employee business brain works technology that enables our clients to accurately COMPARE any candidate's Predictive Performance to their specific benchmark(s) with mathematical precision. 

This tool uses sophisticated validated performance algorithms to measure and compare the Quality and Quantity of the Clarity, Personal Bias/Focus and Balance of the candidate’s thinking abilities to the needs of the job as defined by the benchmark and then creates a

“Predictive Performance Scorecard” that plots the candidate's job fit score. This comparative (degree of job fit) information is presented via our easy to read Performance Dials that shows you with scientific certainty where the candidate scores using one of our 4 major Performance categories:

The Bus Concept Predictive Scorecard has changed the game!Low Risk/Strong Fit for the job (Consider this an "A Score")

·     Situational Risk/Good Fit for the job (Consider this a "B Score")

·     Conditional Risk/Marginal Fit for the job (Consider this a "C Score")

·     Real Risk/Poor Fit for the job (Consider this a "D Score")



"The Bus Concept tools are the best we've ever seen.   We don't make a hire without them."

"We use the Employability Screen as the first step for every candidate we think would be a good fit for us."

If You think you can see behind a Candidate's Interviewing Mask...You're a better interviewer than we were!"

"These tools are simply amazing.  We are recommending them to our business associates."

The Bus Concept™ is different.

We're experienced 
Behavior Analysts.   We combine 15 years of Selection, Development, Leadership Training, & Teamwork experience with these Revolutionary Performance Tools that are built upon Nobel Peace Prize nominated research plus 30 years of ongoing validation, application and translation into these modern business models.  

Our efforts are clearly focused on bringing our clients  a series of tools that will enable them to ALIGN the talent within their organizations with their Strategic Business Plans.

Our clients tell us time and time again that they WANT to optimize the talent in their organizations and they certainly WANT to USE those talents in an effective way...but they are not sure exactly HOW TO DO THAT.

That's where we come in.   We'll show you how to do it...We'll demonstrate the process for you at no charge...and you will see the results immediately.






This revolutionary predictive scoring system virtually removes the guesswork from the selection process and gives you the objective scientific measurements what you want and need to use along with your review of the education, experience, track record and interviewing results of the candidate(s).  This process will dramatically reduce expensive hiring errors and allow you ability to align the talent in your organization with your strategic business plan.  

The Bus Concept Scorecard is the "Missing Ingredient" you'll want to use in order to get the right people on your bus and then put them in the right seats.  Actually putting the right people in the right jobs will rocket you ahead of your competitors.  It is simpler than you might think and the cost makes it a no brainer.  Contact us for your complementary demo.

This is the cornerstone of the Bus Concept system.   It enables our clients to accurately compare any candidate or incumbent to the performance needs of a specific job.

Click here to view the revolutionary Performance Zone Comaprison report.



Step Four:  The Leadership Performance Zone Report©

The Leadership Assessment
The Bus Concept has developed a series of programs to increase the potential of identifying and developing leaders. This particular program is called the Leadership Skill Screen. This leadership screen is designed to assess the level of development of specific skills connected to the four
(4) key elements identified as crucial to being a leader.  These are comprised of 216 discriminating factors (i.e. those performance factors commonly found in strong leaders that at NOT FOUND in marginal ones…and the performance factors found in marginal leaders that are NOT FOUND in strong ones.  These 216 factors feed the following four leadership categories


  • Strong Leaders know WHAT to do.
  • Leaders Know HOW to get things done.
  • Leaders Focus on GETTING THINGS DONE.
  • Leaders work through OTHERS to get things done.

We accomplish our objective by measuring how CLEARLY people think, what they pay ATTENTION to and the OVERALL BALANCE of the decisions that they make. These measurements have been used to develop individual capacities for making critical leadership decisions in such environments as management, sales customer service, leadership and professional sports.  

Leadership is the ability to set a vision and mission with integrity so that the organization can realize the compound advantages of team synergy fueled by trust, innovation and change that drives the team toward its goals while building effective results in an team oriented environment that is consistent & disciplined.

This one of a kind Leadership tool measures the 216 leadership factors with scientific precision that comprise the Nine Critical Pathways of Leadership.

Click Here to view the Performance Zone Leadership Report

For the first time ever, we can accurately measure the essential ingredients that drive Trust, Team Synergy, Vision and Mission, Integrity, Achieving Results, Success Strategies and Discipline, Performance Innovation and Change, Effective Tactics and Consistency and Conformity.

Step Five:  The Optimal TeamThink™Dynamic©

TeamThink- The Key to Optimal Team DynamicsTeamThink© is a powerful melding of the Nobel Nominated Thinking Power measurements that precisely calculate the Quality and Quantity of each team member's thinking style and pairs that thinking power with the natural behaviors they favor as they deliver that thinking power into the team/world in which they function..

Team efforts by definition require flexing and cooperation by all of the participants. This unique TeamThink tool measures the following strengths and blockers that impact each team member's ability to Flex or Team with others:

  • Global Teaming Traits and Tendencies

  • Key Teaming Strengths

  • Key Teaming Communication Strengths

  • Key Teaming Problem Solving Strengths

  • Global Teaming Blockers

  • Key Teaming Blockers

  • Key Teaming Communication Blockers

  • Key Problem Solving Blockers

Did you say PROVE IT?
It's OK to be Skeptical...We'll prove it to you. TeamThink plots both the TeamThink Thinking Style AND the Natural DISC Behavioral Style for each member of your team(s).   It includes a powerful set of specific strategies that will enable each team member to understand the Similarities, the Differences, and of greatest value, the Tactics that will open the door to effective teaming and communication between any of the styles and the behavioral patterns present in that team.  

TeamThink will improve the quality and quantify of the results you can expect from your organization.  Since few if any members of your company work alone, giving them a clear direction about how to optimize the results they will be able to achieve with their co-workers will prove to be one of your most valuable steps toward sustainable optimized results.  Once you take TeamThink for a test drive, you'll won't want to be without it. TeamThink-The key to optimal results

Step Six:  The Personal Pathways Developmental Report

For your personal developmentEveryone has natural talents and strengths and everyone has performance blockers.   This tool takes you on a journey that identifies both your strengths and blockers...AND provides you with specific strategies to optimize your strengths and minimize the impact of your performance blockers.

"Feed your strengths and starve your blockers!"

This is the perfect coaching tool and self development tool as it zeros in on your primary and secondary sterngths as well as the performance blockers that are interfering with your ability to access those talents when you need them.

Click here to view the developmental report


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