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busconcept- The world's only The Bus Concept™ Performance Zone System

Why it works. The most powerful insight and key reliable advantage gained from adopting the Bus Concept method is that while innate talent IS important, what is MORE IMPORTANT is the capacity of this technology to measure the Quality & Quantity of one's PERFORMANCE.  One's performance is the result of the quality of one's thinking. The thinking decisions one makes is the engine that drives the actions that ALWAYS result in one's level of success...or the alternative. This technology measures one's thinking dimensions in terms of clarity, bias and balance.  It is the baseline, mother ship of performance prediction.

You don’t really manage performance, you make doing the “right thing” more valuable to the performer… It's like the concept of time.  You cannot really manage time, but you can make your time more valuable.

At the Bus Concept, our applied science proposes a different approach to the study of performance and achievement. We focus on reproducible, scientifically measurable human factors that  drive superior performance. We will not seriously consider performance that cannot be repeatedly produced on demand and hence falls outside our focus.

"If you can't duplicate and Validate...You don't have science"  
Wayne Carpenter

The Bus Concept – Axiom: - Performance is the fulfillment of concept. To increase performance our process melds two powerful concepts.  First, we bring  precision to valuation (objective, deductive, validated  performance tools) and secondly, valuation to precision (i.e., subjective value based analysis that factors a company's mission statement, management style, and environmental landscape).  The result is a revolutionary scientific performance system that delivers strong performance and increased employee satisfaction.

Our approach involves the identification of reproducible superior performance in the domain of the workplace. 30 years of empirical research has shown that performance (strong AND marginal) in a variety of jobs has a common set of causes that are measurable, predictable and reproducible.

Those reliable causes are:

    1.       Innate net talent potential (Things you can NATURALLY do well in many situations)

    2.       Opportunity to act (Will this position call for the Net Talent potential you can deliver?)

    3.       Effective process of performance acquisition within a specific domain/environment. (Will a specific company's landscape allow you to use your Net Talents effectively?)

The Bus Concept system is built upon one solid foundational principle: We treat innate talent and the process of acquiring performance (i.e., the organization's available training, best practices, and environment) as two distinct and separate critical elements that when viewed and matched together, provide an unparalled prediction of Strong AND Marginal Performance.

This technology measures one's critical thinking skills in terms of clarity, bias and balance. These measurments form the baseline drivers for EVERY decision we make...the decisions we make drive the ACTIONS we take...the Actions we take produce the SUCCESSES we achieve.  Or the alternative.

      The extended effects of the early and proper matching of "net talent potential" with the available performance acquiring processes (i.e., needs of the job plus the environmental fit within the company) is working.   Ask us to share the improved performance metrics that have reduced turnover, improved employee satisfaction and saved millions of dollars within the first year of use.

It is a rare that innate talent and the necessary environmental support and instruction coincide. Most organizations need a system to assist them as they seek to match the available talent to the work product they wish to create.

It's OK to be Skeptical...We'd like to prove it to you.  Call us for a complementary test-drive.

The Bus Concept™
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"This technology measures one's thinking dimensions in terms of clarity, bias and balance.  It is the baseline...the mother ship of performance prediction."